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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Hi my name is Casey Gordon and this is my story behind Junky Munky. I grew up in a household where expression was something we suppressed due to the culture my parents were raised in. As a child I rebelled against this and I guess you could say that I became to a point a bit of an introvert. I learnt to express myself in different ways others than using words which lead to my love for art and design where I developed my creative abilities.

"I learnt that through fear I was totally restricted; however through love I was able to achieve anything I wanted with greater motivation"

Although; this may seem cliché' it really isn't. I watched my mother whilst growing up in a household where she was unable to truly express herself due to coercive control. This was due to my father's poor self esteem and low self confidence. It has taken a long time to understand why I was raised the way I was and how this impacted on my development, self efficacy, character and ability to truly feel confident to express who I really am.

Seeing my mother hospitalised under the Mental Health Act three times and then to finally leave the hospital on prescribed medication, probably for the rest of her life. To see her walk out of the family home in her early 70's so she can live a life where she is able to fully express herself and no longer remain under the rule of my father's control is bitter sweet. This sounds sad but it is somewhat liberating as I am proud of her strength to succeed in life despite what people may think. This has motivated me to set up this blog, to seek new challenges, live life to the max and create and design merchandise to raise awareness on issues that are considered a taboo.

"Lets talk about the elephant in the room"

I want to hear from those of you who would like to express your vulnerabilities without judgement or persecution. This can be done anonymously or not, it is your choice, your free will and your space for you to be you. Please post your challenges, fears and stories for others to connect and share experiences, remember you are not alone.

"Be comfortable with being uncomfortable, your strength lies in you being vulnerable...... become a Junky Munky"

Junky Munky also offers an emotional mental and emotional support wellbeing service with therapeutic interventions to support a variety of emotional and wellbeing needs. I understand that not everyone is at a place where they feel they are ready to talk, share or express their deepest and or darkest fears. If you feel that there is additional support that is required and you would just like someone to talk to, feel free to email me at junkymunkyltd@gmail.com. A confidential service that caters for a range of emotional life challenges, feel free to contact me on the email provided. If I am unable to help I can certainly signpost you in the right direction.

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