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Who are we?

Junky Munky is not just a brand it is a culture.


Junky Munky combines wellbeing and merchandise to address many of the psychological issues that we have to deal with in our society on a day to day. As a practitioner and therapist addressing a number of psychological challenges in my work I wanted to offer more to tackle the needs of those that struggle with navigating their emotions. Channelling them in a much more fruitful, richer and more rewarding manner. Where ownership offers a element of catharsis. Junky also delivers 

therapeutic services to young people. Our practitioners are all therapeutically trained and offer a number of approaches and techniques to support someone struggling psychologically. 

As a Mental and Emotional Wellbeing 

Practitioner and Therapist I aim to support many of the issues we tackle by donating a percentage of profits to charities associated with the topics we address. We are always in the process of networking with Mental Health, Health and Well Being, Anti-Racism and 

Race EqualityDementia, Domestic Abuse charities amongst others. Each of our products/merchandise will represent a specific topic or subject matter in an attempt to deconstruct the negative stereo types and microaggressions associated with that topic/subject. Junky Munky is passionate about equality, diversity, culture, differences,  freedom, unity, love, hope, justice, non discrimination and non oppressive practice, 

transformation and living a life with fullness and purpose. This is very much reflected in the work we deliver to young people as Junky Munky approaches many of our client base with innovative ways of addressing mental and emotional well being in an innovative manner. Hence, the website having more of a fresh hip feel to it. So we can appeal to the young as well as other age groups.

The word Junky is associated with negative stereotypes; however we aim to break these stereo types and set the trend with greater self awareness for living and loving life. After all, life is too short. The word Junky is also associated with someone who is a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on something. I'd like to think that those who have a compulsive habit or are obsessed with loving and living life are into what we are trying to do here at Junky Munky. 


By investing in our products you will be giving a little back also. Helping to reconstruct a society

that possesses an overall psychological sense of self-efficacy and empowerment,

less judgemental and positive narratives. A culture that loves and appreciates life.

Our Blog will be looking at those who aim to share and desire to talk about taboo subjects and the elephant in the room. A place where you can use as a soundboard so others can address similar topics with likemeninded people and learn something new. Or take on a different perspective that can better inform or guide someone's 

journey. Whether that is climbing a mountain, achieving their first 5k run, completing an obstacle course to struggling with relationships, difficulties parenting and or day to day lack of motivation and feeling helpless. We want to know about it. Excitement reduces anxiety and Junky Munky aim to promote reducing our anxieties to live more healthy and fear free lives. If you are one of these please subscribe and drop in and share your experience on our blog page. We would love to here all about it!!!

Thank you