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Junky Munky is very much aware of the current climate and protests that have taken place as a result of the death of George Floyd. 

We understand that there are a number of issues that the nation is addressing at present, following COVID-19. We believe a collective response to many of the questions raised regarding ethnicity, justice and racism is needed. All three are very much interlinked and we believe here at Junky Munky that we should be having honest conversations with ourselves regarding how to unite during a time of tension and move forward with this issue that has caught momentum globally. 

We want you as someone whatever ethnicity you are to take a stand against racism, racial injustice, fascism and unconscious biases. In doing so, we have created a range specifically at Junky Munky to address some of the points mentioned above. As we believe what you wear represents who you are.

Please go to our BLM collection to see a range of merchandise that can be ordered in to show your support.

Junky Munky aims to catch negative thought patterns and reframe them to more positive thoughts, which ultimately can lead to positive behaviours and a less stressful lifestyle. We believe in having those conversations to address the personal barriers alongside the impact of uncertainty with balance and structure so that you are able to develop at a pace you can manage. Telling your story and owning your journey is generally a good start. Junky Munky promotes good emotional and mental well-being and in doing so we consider the personal draw backs to your emotional and mental breakthrough in context of your goals and or your personal development.



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Standing for something 

Be comfortable with being uncomfotable your strength lies in you being vulnerable

Quickest way to manage your anxiety - Turn it around by getting excited. 

Always remember that you have the choice to choose your own response. Firstly our perceptions are shaped by our experiences. For the most part when experiencing anxiety this is instant. Generally because of our fast paced lifestyles. Slowing things down allows room for you to give yourself permission to be compassionate to yourself and add a balenced rationalIt's also ok to not be ok.

Secondly approach it the situation curiously, although learning can be daunting it can be fun too. Consider what is good about what's making you anxious and what you will achieve. This often will lead to excitement.

Thirdly be prepared to feel and sit with those feelings. Its your bodies way of letting you know that this is something you are uneasy about and that's again ok. Practicing this can often lead to feelings of anxiety subsiding and greater self awareness. So next time you're more able to anticipate it and address it rather than anxiety springing up on you and taking over.